Vision and Learning

Binocular Vision Impairments

3D Stereo Vision

  • 3D Vision (Binocular Vision)

    How does it work? Why do we need it?

  • Eye Doctors and 3D Vision

    Eye doctors use stereoscopic 3D images to develop and reinforce 3D vision.

  • The Stereo Vision Project

    What is stereo vision? What is a binocular (two-eyed) vision impairment?


    Learn to see in 3D! Visit the 3D Art Gallery and view Magic Eye stereograms, stereo photographs, optical illusions, and much more.

General Resources

Optometric Organizations

  • COVD — The College of Optometrists in Vision Development
  • The American Optometric Association represents approximately 36,000 doctors of optometry, optometry students and paraoptometric assistants and technicians. Doctors of optometry provide two-thirds of all primary eye care in the United States.
  • OEPF — Optometric Extension Program Foundation

    Serving the educational needs of optometrists.

  • Optometrists Network

    An international network of optometrists, primarily in the United States