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Welcome to the Optometric office of
Dr. Mark J. Gordon
Your Developmental Optometrist in
Western New York.

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Welcome to Dr. Mark J. Gordon

Your Vision Therapy Resource in Western New York

Welcome to the Optometric office of Dr. Mark J. Gordon in Kenmore. Dr. Gordon and our team strive to offer the best in optometric vision therapy services. Our vision therapy services include a variety of non-invasive therapeutic techniques to improve vision and resolve visual issues. Both children and adults can suffer from visual problems that hinder activities like reading, schoolwork, and more. Dr. Mark J. Gordon provides unique, custom-designed vision therapy solutions for individuals who suffer from a various visual conditions. Vision therapy techniques are generally easy to perform and painless, and only require time and effort. 

High Quality Vision Therapy Services 

Vision therapy includes a variety of strengthening and training activities for your eyes and brain. While vision therapy is not designed to strengthen your eye muscles since they are generally very strong on their own, it is a type of integrated therapy that involves a variety of different visual activities. It can be done both in our office and at home, and can help resolve many types of visual problems with repeated use over time. Some examples of vision therapy include but are not limited to: Various types of eye patches; Prism lenses, including glasses and/or contact lenses; Stress reducing lenses; Vision therapies both in-office and at home; Vestibular devices (balance boards); Vision integration activities to help develop visual-auditory and visual-motor proficiency and Specialized computer programs. 

Vision therapy has been proven to be successful by strengthening the patient's ability to receive and process visual information. Many visual problems can be solved through the use of various vision therapy techniques, even if you have previously been told that your condition is untreatable, or that you will have to learn to live with your condition. 

Dr. Gordon is a board certified vision development and vision therapy optometrist who specializes in effective vision therapy procedures. Whether working with a child or an adult, Dr. Gordon offers comprehensive vision services and specialized vision care that is tailored to each individual patient. With extensive experience in numerous forms of vision therapy, Dr. Gordon has the expertise and resources needed to create a unique treatment plan to increase the quality of vision through, non-invasive visual activities and experience. 

If you have been previously diagnosed with visual problems, or know someone who has, like amblyopia or crossed eyes, or are currently experiencing visual difficulties like double or reduced vision, contact Dr. Gordon today. During your first appointment at Dr. Mark J. Gordon, we will complete a comprehensive visual evaluation to make a diagnosis. Dr. Gordon will perform various tests in order to analyze your vision needs and the health of your eyes, and will make a customized recommendation for vision services based on your individual condition. 

Call us at 716-871-0074 today to schedule an appointment.

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  • "Dr. Gordon is a developmental optometrist, which means...he is trained to deal with eye dysfunctions beyond simple near-sightedness/far-sightedness and...he can help improve vision through behavior programs. Dr. Gordon patiently worked with me to get the best possible prescription...He's a compassionate and very competent eyecare professional, and I strongly recommend him."
    Michael L.